RTT will help you to change your beliefs, providing you with freedom from thoughts which are holding you back.


As an RTT practitioner I understand how the conscious and subconscious mind works which helps to explain why we behave as we do.

  • I understand why we continue to engage in self sabotaging behaviour
  • Why we keep experiencing the same problems, and
  • How we can break free from these thought cycles to change our outcomes.

When we discover and understand our core, deep held beliefs, we are then able to change them to work in our favour through the process of RTT.

RTT is a fast, safe and effective therapy which supports people to achieve the changes they want and need in their life.

Fear of Failing

“I saw Sarah for fear of failing. The fear of failing was holding me back in my career, my health and in relationships. The result I got was so much greater than I could have imagined. In the session Sarah guided me back to the root of the issue, realising I had an old belief since childhood of not feeling good enough holding me back in life. I never consciously realised that things that had happened in my childhood could make such a difference in the way the behaviours are now. After the session, I’ve gained confidence in myself and feeling secure and safe about being progressive and daring and I’m doing things I would never have dreamt of before. Two weeks after the session I asked my employer for a 6 month leave to set up my own business. Looking forward to that I feel excited instead of anxious and scared. I would highly recommend RTT and Sarah to anyone who likes to feel liberated, empowered and simply be and feel truly amazing about myself.”



“Sarah, as I write this I am sick as a dog and constantly tired but I am so happy to be feeling this way as I am pregnant! I had been struggling to conceive and it was making me so unhappy. I had got to the point where I couldn’t even bear to be around pregnant friends or mums with young babies. I felt I may never have a baby and had been referred to a fertility clinic. During our session I felt some really powerful light bulb moments. I realised in the session during hypnosis that my experiences had made me believe that I couldn’t do anything for myself without help, I wasn’t good enough to get pregnant and what I wanted wasn’t available to me. You helped me to understand that these beliefs were impacting on my life and together we changed them and put them firmly in the past. I felt great after our session and listened to the recording you gave me every day, sometimes twice a day. My thoughts became more positive and I started to view things differently. I felt excited about my new beliefs! I felt like I was having a new beginning. I also found it much easier to relax and slept better. I dwelled much less on my problems and now that I am pregnant I have learnt how to have positive thoughts about the pregnancy and the future. Thank you.”